Consigned Business Director of Gyeonggi Business Center (GBC) in Moscow

Consigned Business Director of Gyeonggi Business Center (GBC) in Moscow

Job Opening: Consigned Business Director of Gyeonggi Business Center (GBC) in Moscow

The Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government of Korea is employing a consigned business director of the Gyeonggi Business Center (GBC) in moscow, which is managed for the overseas advancement of the small and medium businesses of the province.

1. Employment field and target

○ Main tasks : export and market products of small- and medium-sized businesses to Russian market

– Marketing in Russia for Gyeonggi-do companies (seeking & matching buyers, introducing companies to transact with, and follow-up management

– Collection and provision of information such as trade trends and industrial technology

– Managing trade delegates, inviting Russian buyers to Korea, and other measures to support trade

– Work entrusted by the Gyeonggi-do representative office (local economic cooperation, supporting representative groups, providing support for investment drawing, etc.)

○ Number of recruitment personnel : one person (However, if no suitable person is found, selection of such personnel may not be made.)

○ Period of consignment : 1 year (contract renewable on a one year basis)

○ Terms : to be announced during the interviews (second screening)

○ Office : Gyeonggi Business Center (GBC) moscow

○ Qualifications

– Holds a degree higher than a bachelor’s degree and over five years of relevant work experience in Russia

– Fluent in the local language or English and capable of smoothly working with locals and preparing documents in Korean or English

– Does not have any reason for disqualification in establishing and maintaining a subsidiary office in Russia

– Can legally receive operating expenses paid from Korea

– Possess ample experience and professional knowledge in trade

– Can travel internationally without risk of disqualification

○ Preferred work experience

– Possesses over three years experience selling Korean products

2. Screening method and schedule

○ Screening method: first (documents) and second (interviews)

○ Screening schedule

– Submission of applications: Nov. 23– Dec. 7, 2016

– Announcement of short-listed candidates: Dec, 2016 (expected)

– Interviews: Jan, 2017 (expected)

※ Interviewing region: Moscow, Russia

– Announcement of final candidate: Jan, 2017 (expected)

– Consignment agreement: Feb. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017

3. Documents to be submitted

Documents to be submittedMandatoryOptionalPrecautions to take

Application Form

(Center’s fixed format)


One Application Form (Attach one 3×4 photo.)

One Self-Introduction Form (including main work experience) (within 5 pages of A4 paper)

One Office Management Plan (within 10 pages of A4 paper)

• Write based on documentary evidence.

• If not consistent with documentary evidence, we will consider the information as false and eliminate the candidate.

Certificate of graduation • One copy for each degree above the bachelor’s

Proof of employment

and work experiences

 • The starting and ending date of work experiences should be stated. Also, always state the organization (company), department, work engaged in, and title and position of each job.

Confirmation of health

insurance qualification

 • For confirmation of work experience (issued by the National Health Insurance Service; call 1577-1000 for inquiries)
Proof of residence in Russia • One copy of proof of residence in Russia

※ We may request additional documents limited to those who have passed the document screening.

4. Submission of application

○ Application forms : download from the Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Support Center (GSBC) website (

○ How to submit : via e-mail

○ Period of submission : limited to those who submitted before December 7, 2016 (6 p.m.)

○ Where to submit : Jiho Song, GSBC Trade Team

– Address : Trade Team, 3rd Fl., 107 Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do

– E-mail:

○ Inquiries regarding the employment: 031-259-6136, 6132

5. Others

○ The screening schedule may change according to the situation. All changes will be stated on the GSBC website. Therefore, please check the website frequently.

○ We will individually notify those who have passed the document screening and the final candidate. We will not return submitted documents.

○ If we find something to be different to what was stated or any reason for disqualification after deciding on the person to employ, we have the authority to cancel such employment decision.

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