As rapidly developing ICT sector has changed the world dramatically, environmental safety along with appropriate response and innovation have been the key issue to be reckoned with.

We, Chang Sung ACE Co., Ltd., have focused and will focus on firefighting and disaster prevention to make the world safe and prosperous and be globally renowned brand for the firefighting and disaster prevention sector.

                       We design, develop, and provide the following products: Flame detectors using IT-based fire detection technology, temperature controllers, high- and multi-temperature sensors, thermal imaging fire detection cameras, security and fire detection cameras, automatic fire extinguishing systems for semiconductor equipment which immediately puts out the fire in a fire prevention zone, and kitchen fire extinguishers 

We have actively ventured into the global market and have overseas partners in the US, Japan, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. And our newly established offices in Xian and Suzhou of China offer the best value for other global businesses in China. 

   We pledge that we’ll contribute to the society based on our ethical and righteous management practices and our efforts to share benefits with the society.

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