We, Kodia Industry , are one of the biggest manufacturers & exporters for the field of diamond tools Industry in Korea.

We have been accumulated more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting various sorts of diamond tools, such as super Cluster Removing Grinder (SCRG) , Hurricane Cutter , Mesh Turbo, Super Turbo (Waved Super Turbo included), Kodia-Pro, Multi Cutter ,Contour Blades, Professional Rim Cutters (Thin Turbo, Reinforced, Tear Drop Slot etc.)

And Core Drills (for Porcelain, Dry Reinforced Concrete, Granite, etc.) and other hard materials.

Also for “DLY” market, we are supplying with our Econo & Super Econo quality products in a huge number of quantity to our customers in Europe & USA . Please make sure that you can expect the best quality of the products and competitive prices which can be enoughly competed against any Chinese origins.

Our top range of products are highly reputed in almost all around the world, especially in Europe(Italy, Spain& Germany)and japan who are well known as the originated countries of Diamond Tools.  

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