روکش نانو مواد معدنی هیدروژنی

Worldwide Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base Coating

تولید کننده روکش نانو از مواد معدنی هیدروژنی

Certificated as INNO-BIZ Acquired Promising Export Firm and Venture company Register ISO 9001.
Our Products, especially NWK-742(Water Based Hybrid Nano Mineral) has been receiving high reputation for innovative, good quality, and competitive prices in roof and floor industry and also shows sustained growth.

To keep pace with the rapid changes in the market, we released NWK850H(Non Stick Coating and Self Clean Coating) in the market for extending the field of business. We have kept investing an enormous amount of budget into R&D and widened business network.
We have been exporting our products approximately 57 countries for 17 years.

روکش ذخیره انرژی


•Reduces Energy consumption by 20%
•3~7 degrees Cooler in Summers & 3-5 degrees Warmer in Winter
•No Peeling and Bubbling
•Non Reflective
•Durable and Safe
•Scratch and Combustion Resistant
•Life Span of 10 years
•Accommodates any shape or size
•Safer in case of emergency & glass can break easily
•Non Flammable
•Self leveling property, uniform and seamless finishing
•Patented, one of its kind product


Reduce air-conditioning usage and increase its efficiency.
-Increase comfort, especially near glass areas.
-Enjoy cooler and more comfortable living environment.
-Reduces heat loss from windows by retaining far infrared.
-Retain heat indoor.


Harvest natural light and save on artificial lighting during the day.
A colorless and ultra clear coating, it reduces reflection on glass due to its crystal like nature. Only 3 microns thin with a low haze level of 0.8,  it owes its super transparency to nanotechnology.  
Colorless, it preserves your window’s originality, keeping it clear without any distortion.

Features of Item

  • Increasing surface strength(7H)
  • Excellent adhesion onto various surface
  • Non stick coating
  • Anti strain
  • Anti sticker
  • Anti adhesion
  • Environment friendly product
  • Self Cleaning
  • Protecting Solar panel against dust, pollution so that reduce cost of maintenance and cleaning of panel


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