Shinah Ah Electronics

Indoor Air Purifier

The company with a vision! The company with a good work ambience! The company that never fails to satisfy even the most demanding customers!

 That is AIRION, the brand of Shin-Ah Electronics.”


Shin-Ah Electronics has focused on the development and production of air purifiers and implemented anion air purifier development production systems through its consistent investments. With these efforts, the company now produces and sells various types of air purifier products and oxygen generators.

Car Air Purifier

As it launched the company-developed anion air purifier under close cooperation with its strategic business alliance partners, Shin-Ah Electronics’ air purifier business has stabilized. The company now plans to expand it business areas by developing various applied products anchored on its base technologies.

Aiming at impressing customers and build up its customer base, Shin-Ah Electronics pursues rational and transparent management and exerts its best efforts to be the best company in the air purifier and oxygen generator area.

State-of-the Artificial Intelligent Air purifier
Airion Air purifier with Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Super Deluxe Air Purifier with Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Super Deluxe Air Purifier with Oxygen Generator
Indoor Air Purifier
Car Air Purifier

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