2015 03  G-Base camp (Start-up Business Office) Open
  2014 12  Gwanggyo business Center Opened
  2013.12  G-TEXTOPIA (Gyeonggi textile general support center) opened
  2013.12  Selected as the family-friendly certification institute
  (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
  2013.05  GTC (Gyeonggi Textile Center) in Shanghai, China opened
  2012.07  Selected as the ‘Best Company to Work For’ (Gyeonggi Province)
  2012.05  GTC (Gyeonggi Textile Center) in New York, USA opened
  2011.1  Selected as an excellent institution in human resources development in public sector
  2011.09  GTC (Gyeonggi Textile Center) in Shenyang, China opened
  2011.05  Presidential award in National SMB Competition
  2011.04  GTC (Gyeonggi Textile Center) in LA, USA opened
  2010.12  GSBC Southern branch opened
  2010.09  Gyeonggi Northern SMB support center opened
  2010.03  GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) in Shanghai, China opened
  2010.01  GSBC Western branch opened
  2009.09  GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) in LA, USA opened
  2008.09  GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) in Sao Paulo, Brazil opened
  2008.08  GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia opened
  2007.05  Gyeonggi R&D Center building completed and opened
  2006.04  GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) in Moscow, Russia opened
  2005.05  Excellent SMB support institution award (Prime Minister)
  2005.05  Ansan Branch opened
  2005.04  Goyang Branch opened
  2005.01  GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) in Mumbai, India opened
  2004.08  Industrial Family Cluster Project launched
  2004.02  Joined ISTC (International Science & Technology Center)
  2004.02  Designated as e-business total information center by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  2003.11  Global Connect membership
  2003.05  Designated as e-business total information center by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  2003.03  GSBC Northern branch opened
  2002.11  Held the Asia-Pacific meeting of WTCA (World Trade Center Association)
  2002.04  Joined WTCA
  2002.01  Operated KIT (Gyeonggi Internet Trade Center)
  2001.09  GSBC office building in Iui-dong opened
  2000.08  Designated as E-commerce aiding center by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  2000.06  Cooperation agreement with ITRI, Taiwan
  1999.08  Title changed to Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center
  1998.04  Signed sisterhood MOU with KSP (Kanagawa Science Park), Japan
  1997.07  Established Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Foundation


Ground for Establishment

– Clause 49 of the Act for balanced regional development and promotion of the regional SMBs and
Clause 63 of its Enforcement Ordinance

– Ordinance of Gyeonggi-do for establishment of Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center

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