1The 11th Robocup Iran Open 2016 (Competition & Symposium)4-8 Apriliranrobocup – +982188028509 – +982188639546
Website: www.iranrobocup.ir
2The 10th Int’l Exhibition of Iran Plast13-17AprilNational Petrochemical Company By Sepantas Kish Exhibition Consulting Co. – +98-21-88546619-21
Website: www.iranplast.ir
3The 3rd National Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals Exhibition24-27AprilTech-Market Services Corridor. – +98-21-63103414-6
WebSite: www.iranlabexpo.ir
4The 23th Int’l Exhibition of Detergents, Cleanser, Hygienic, Cellulose Products & Machinery24-27 AprilSamee Paad Novin Co – +98-21-26409902-5
WebSite: www.spnco.net
5The 2nd Int’l Exhibition of Iran Project24-27AprilNojan Rad Co & IFP Group. – +98-21-88748713
WebSite: www.nojanrad.com
6The 21th Intl Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition5-8 MayNational Iranian Oil Co By Management & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
Website: www.iran-oilshow.ir
7The 19th Int’l Exhibition of Medical, Dental, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products15-18 MaySanat Salamat Co. – +98-21-88100138
Website: www.iranhealthexhibition.org
8The 4th Int’l Exhibition of Rail Transportation, Related Industries & Equipment15-18 MayMilad e Noor Co. – +98-21-88656169
Website: www.miladfair.ir
9The First Exhibition Of Dental Equipment16-19 MayIranian Dental Association, Organization By Hadish Kish Co. – +98-21- 88289256-9 – +98-21-26600275
Website: www.Excida.ir
10The 3rd Int’l Innovation Tech Exhibition22-25 MayFarhang Mehr Co. – +98-21-66553197
Website: www.Expomehr.ir
11South Korea Solo Exhibition23-25 MayKOTRA – +98-21-22174005-7
Website: www.kotra.ir
12The 5th Int’l Exhaustive Exhibition Of Urban Management23-25 MayAvaee Movafagh Co. – +98-21-22740376
Website: www.avaeemovafagh.com
13The 23rd Agricultural, Food & Related Industries Trade Fair30 May-2 JunPalar Samaneh Co. – +98-21- 88205735 – +98-21-88786689
Website: www.iranagrofoodfair.com
14Policy Council Of Packaging Industry Exhibition30 May-2 JunPackaging Industry Policy Council – +98-21-88657950-1 – +98-21-22446555
Website: www.packagingfestival.com
15The 5th international Exhibition of Elevators, Industrial & Related Equipment9-12 JulIran Int’l Exhibitions Co. – +98-21-22662828 – +98-21-21912283 – +98-21-21912549
Website: www.iranliftex.ir
16The 9th Int’l Exhibition Of Exchange, Bank, Insurance10-13 JulInformation and Stock Services Co. – By Management & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
Website: www.Iranfinex.ir
17The 8th Int’l Exhibition of Stone, Mining, Machinery & Related Equipment18-21 JulStone Association Of Iran. – By Rooshan Rooz Co – +98-21-88743595-9
Website: www.irsestonefair.com
18The 14th Int’l Exhibition Of Kitchen, Bath, Sauna & Pool Industries & Equipment18-21 JulTehran Int’l Trading & Exhibition Corporation – +98-21-22397540 – +98-21-22397296 – +98-21-22396947
Website: www.titexgroup.com
19The 3rd Int’l Exhibition of Stationery & Engineering26-29 JulNama gostar Adonis Co. – +98-21-77522563 – +98-21-77522390
Website: www.ngadonis.ir
20The 25th Int’l Exhibition of Home Furniture3-6 AugFipco – Tel: +98-21-88067747
Website: www.hofex-medex.com
21The 16th Int’l Exhibition Of Building & Construction Industry12-15 AugIran,s Chamber Of Cooperatives. – +98-21-22662845-6
Website: www.iranconfair.ir
22The 25th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition22-28 AugIran’s National Carpet Center By Idro Int’l Trading Co. – +98-21-22662765-7
Website: www.idro-fairs.com
23The 8th Floor Covering, Moquette, Machine Made Carpet & Related Industries Exhibition3-6 sepTosea Eurasia Navid Co. – +98-21-88997501 – +98-21-88994369
Website: www.eurasianavid.com
24The 4th Int’l Exhibition of Iran Apparel3-6 sepSamee Paad Novin Co. – +98-21-26409902-5
Website: www.spnco.net
25The 22rd Int’l Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textile, Embroidery Machines & Textile Products3-6 sepSamee Paad Novin Co. – +98-21-26409902-5
Website: www.spnco.net
26Iran Green Trade Fair3-6 sepHPP Co. – +98-21-22863787-8
Website: www.khazareurasia.ir
27The 7th Int’l Exhibition Of Beverage, Tea, Coffee & Related Industries13-16 sepFederation Of Iranian Food Industries Association – +98-21-88881369 – +98-21-88881306
Website: www.ibie.ir
28The first international exhibition of dairy and related industries13-16 sepFederation Of Iranian Food Industries Association +98-21-88881369 – +98-21-88881306
29The 15th Iran Int’l Confectionery Fair13-16 SepMandegar Tejarat Shirin Co. – +98-21-88558066 
Website: www.iranianacm.com
30The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information Technology & Solutions25-28 sepPalar samaneh Co. – +98-21-88205735 – +98-21-88786689
Website: www.irantelecomfair.com
31The 12th Iran Int’l Water & Wastewater Exhibition25-28 sepManagement & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
Website: www.watex.ir
32The 7th Int’l Mother ,Baby & Child Exhibition (MBC2016)25-28 sepMilad e Noor Co. – +98-21-88656169
Website: www.miladfair.ir
33Oman Solo Exhibition26-30 sepIran Int’l Exhibitions Co
35The 3rd Int’l Exhibition of HSE, Fire Fighting & Rescue5-8 OctNEFFCO. – +98-21-77639040
34Solo Exhibition of Armenia5-8 OctIran Int’l Exhibitions Co. (Armenia Embassy tel: +98-21-88172270)
36The 16th Tehran Int’l Industry Exhibition5-8 OctIdro Int’l Trading Co. – +98-21-22662765-7
Website: www.idro-fairs.com
37The 9th Int’l Nanotechnology Exhibition5-8 OctTech-Market Services Corridor – +98-21-63103414-6
Website: www.festival.nano.ir
38The 2nd Int’l Exhibition of Hospital Building, Infrastructure, Installation & Equipment18-21 OctSepantas Kish Exhibition Consulting Co. – +98-21-88546619-21
Website: www.iranhospitex.ir
39The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Installation (Heating, Cooling, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating)18-21 OctNama Negar Co. – +98-21-88203020
Website: www.iranhvac.com
40The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock, Dairy and Related Industries27-30 OctMilad Mobtaker Shargh Co. – +98-21-44448216
Website: www.iranplex.ir
41The 14th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services27-30 OctAvin Co. – +98-21-22020248
Website: www.avin-co.ir
42The 16th Iran Int’l Electricity Exhibition5-8 NovManagement & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
Website: www.elecshow.ir
43The 12th Int’l Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery & Related Industry & Equipment (Iran Conmin 2016)5-8 NovPalar Samaneh Co. Tel: +98-21-88205735 – +98-21-88786689
Website: www.iranconminfair.com
44The first International Exhibition of Halal protein products and related industries5-8 NovDarvazeh Tejarat Farasoo – +98-21-88062338
Website: www.iranmeatex.com
45The 11th Auto Parts Int’l Exhibition15-18 NovIdro Int’l Trading Co. – +98-21-22662765-7
Website: www.idro-fairs.com
46The 5th Shokoofa Robotic Competition15-18 NovTehran Municipality of District ONE – +98-21-26130486
47The 6th Int’l Exhibition of Pipe & Connections Machineries and Related Equipment15-18 NovChista Fair Co. – +98-21-22924526-31
Website: www.chistafair.com 
According to the presenter, the exhibition is not held.
48The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Metallurgy24-27 NovNama Negar Co. – +98-21-88203020
Website: www.iranmetafo.com
49The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances24-27 NovThe Association of the Industries of Household Appliances of Iran – +98-21-88513557 – +98-21-88513216
Website: www.iexhap.ir
50The 3rd Int’l Exhibition of Bags, Shoes, leather & Related Industry6-9 DecTehran Manufactoring & Technical Services Trade Union Co. – +98-21-77656560 – +98-21-77625227
51The 6th Int’l Exhibition of Agricultural, Organic, Health & Natural Products Technology6-9 DecMani Tadbir Sazeh – +98-21-88705956
Website: www.mtadbir.com
52The 16th Int’l Exhibition Paint, Resin, Industrial Coatings & Composites6-9 DecBanian Omid Co. – +98-21-22001749
Website: www.ipcc.ir
53The 10th Int’l Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex 2016)6-9 DecInfo & Trade Group – +98-21-88070833 – +98-21-88070844
WebSite: www.Ibex.ir
54The 1st Int’l Exhibition of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Related Industry6-9 DecInfo & Trade Group.(ITG) – +98-21-88085380
Website: www.ifex.ir
55The 22nd Int’l Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E – Commerce15-18 DecManagement & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
Website: www.iran-elecomp.com
56The 17th Exhibition of Research and Technological Achievements15-18 DecNama gostar Adonis Co tel: +98-21-77522563 — +98-21-77522390
Website: www.ngadonis.ir
57The 23rd Int’l Exhibition of Printing, Packing & Related Machinery25-28 DecTehran Manufactoring & Technical Services Trade Union Co. – +98-21-77656560 – +98-21-77625227
Website: www.iranpack-print.ir
58The 6th Int’l Exhibition of Office Furniture25-28 DecFipco – +98-21-88067747
Website: www.hofex-www.hofex-medex.com
59The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries4-7 Jan 2017Avin Co. – +98-21-22020248
60The 10th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores4-7 Jan 2017Persian Co. – +98-21-77441289 – +98-21-77441472
Website: www.iranexhibition.ir
61The 2nd Exhibition Of Villagers Capabilities4-7 Jan 2017Avaee Movafagh Iranian Co. – +98-21-22740376
Website: www.avaeemovafagh.com
62The first int’l exhibition of agricultural machinery, irrigation systems and related industries6-9 Jan 2017Milad Mobtaker Shargh Co. – +98-21-44448216
63The 4th Int’l Exhibition on Nuts, Dried Fruits & Related Industries6-9 Jan 2017Saya Namaye Parsian Co. – +98-31-36633939
Website: www.irannutex.ir
64The 7th Int’l Exhibition of Architecture, Modern House & Interior Design14-17 Jan 2017Nama Negar Co. – +98-21-88203020
Website: www.midex.ir
65The 9th int’l Exhibition of Cement, Concrete , Manufacturing Technologies & Related Machineries14-17 Jan 2017Meshkat Tejarat Yas Co. +98-21-88501801-2
Website: www.meshkat-group.com
66Italian Solo Exhibition14-17 Jan 2017——-
67The 15th Int’l Exhibition of exercise and sports equipment (Soprtex 2017)14-17 Jan 2017Milad e Noor Co. – +98-21-88656169
Website: www.miladfair.ir
68The 3rd Int,l Exhibitions Of Motorcycle, parts, Accessories, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles and Related Equipment(Iran Ridex)16-19 Jan 2017Arano Co – +98-21-22845412 – +98-21-26420626 – fax: 89784200
Website: www.Iranridex.com
69The 24th int’l Exhibition Of Chandeliers & Decorative Light16-19 Jan 2017union – +98-21-77533892 – +98-21-77536647
70The 8th Doors & Windows Technology Int’l Exhibition24-27 Jan 2017Tehran Int’l Trading & Exhibition Corporation – +98-21-22397540
Website: www.titexgroup.com
71The 8th Int’l Exhibition of Bitumen ,Asphalt ,Insulation & Related Machineries24-27 Jan 2017Asia Pasargad Co. – +98-21-22768596
Website: www.ampex.ir
72The 6th International Exhibition of entertainment Industry, Amusement Center and parks.6 – 9 Feb 2017Bamika Intl Group. – +98-21-44873707
Website: www.amtech.ir
73The 10th Int’l Exhibition of Tourism & Related Industry6-9 Feb 2017Tehran Int’l Trading & Exhibition Corporation – +98-21-22397540 – +98-21-22397296 – +98-21-22396947
Website: www.titexgroup.com
74The 8th Int’l Exhibition of Wood Industries , machinery and related equipment and Related Equipment6 – 9 Feb 2017Milad e Noor Co. – +98-21-88656169
Website: www.miladfair.ir
75The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Accessories & Furniture’s Machineries, Equipment & Related Industries15-18 Feb 2017Milad Mobtaker Shargh Co & Chista Fair Co. – +98-21-44448216 – +98-21-22924526
Website: www.miladgroup.net
76The 9th Int’l Exhibition of Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Watch & Related Industries16-19 Feb 2017Sepantas Kish Exhibition Consulting Co. – +98-21-88546619-21
77The 27th national Exhibition of Handicrafts16-19 Feb 2017Iran’s National Carpet Center By Idro Int’l Trading Co.- +98-21-22662765-7
Website: www.idro-fairs.com
78The 3rd Int’l Exhibition of tools, mold, and machin tools17-19 Feb 2017Haghighat Mehr Raya Co.- tel: +98-21-22630056
Website: www.irantoolsfair.ir
79The 2nd Int’l Exhibition of Excavation, EXploration, Safety Machinery and Equipment, Tunneling & Road Bulding and Equipment24-27 Feb 2017Baniyan Fardaye Roshan Co. – +98-21-88988796 – +98-21-88988799
Website: www.bfr-co.ir
80The 16th Int’l Exhibition Of Environment & Renewable Energy Exhibition24-27 Feb 2017Management & Trade Solutions Co. – +98-21-42917000
81The 4th int’l Exhibition of Building Industry Facade, Structure & Innovative Technologies (Iran Buildex 2017)24-27 Feb 2017Iran International Exhibition Staff Cooperative Co & Management & Trade Solutions Co – +98-21-42917000
82The 4th Int’l Exhibition of Real Estate26-29 Feb 2017Banian Omid Co. – +98-21-22001749
Website: iranpropertyexpo.com
83The 3rd international exhibition and conference on women’s role in sustainable development4-7 Mar 2017The Association of the Industries of Household Appliances of Iran – +98-21-88513557 – +98-21-88513216
84Pakistan Solo Exhibition4-7 Mar 2017——